About Amie Sussman

I’m Amie, a highly accomplished fashion photographer based in the bustling city of New York. With an impressive portfolio that includes the biggest galas, red carpet events and international happenings, I’ve been fortunate enough to capture the beauty and elegance of countless celebrities. I’ve also turned my lens towards concerts, product launches and fundraisers, skillfully preserving the essence of these unique occasions.

My artistic vision and technical expertise have gained recognition as my images often appear in both local and national media outlets. I take great pride in my ability to seize the spirit of a moment and transform it into captivating visual stories.

Motivated by a passion for creativity and a keen attention to detail, I constantly push the boundaries of my craft. Through careful composition, lighting techniques and thoughtful editing work, I create visually stunning images that not only captivate viewers but also provide an immersive experience.

My commitment to excellence is evident in every project I take on. Whether collaborating with renowned fashion houses or capturing the energy of a live concert or documenting the excitement surrounding a product launch – every assignment receives the same level of professionalism and dedication from me.
I strongly believe that photography holds immense power as a medium, capable of inspiring, evoking emotions and weaving captivating narratives. It is this belief that drives me to constantly grow and improve my skills, ensuring that every click of my camera reflects a high standard of creativity and visual appeal.

If you’re in search of a fashion photographer who consistently delivers exceptional results and possesses a deep understanding of the industry, I warmly invite you to explore my portfolio. Together, let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life and create timeless images that resonate with your target audience.

Amie Sussman with camera.